E.Marinella launches its new Capsule Collection. Silky Bracelet.

27 October 2021

The combination of silk and sartorialism give rise to an exciting and novel product. E.Marinella launches its new Capsule Collection, the bracelet.
In the wake of the Headscarf collection, which was totally dedicated to women’s style, silk has once again become the protagonist and gives rise to a fashionable and dynamic piece.

This product, as well as being lively, young and fun, will help us to make the difference for children who are afflicted by various, often incurable, illnesses.

E.Marinella will donate a share of the profits to two charities: CBM, who takes care of blind children, all over the world; Santobono Pausilipon which does fantastic and important work, throughout the region, in the field of pediatrics.