A Blast From the Past

27 October 2021

A dive into the past through old trunks filled with original fabrics, photos and ties, allowed a rediscovery of E.Marinella’s roots. From here Maurizio Marinella embarked on a journey between the 1930s and the 1980s, bringing to light the many fabrics that have accompanied many historical events of the past. Within this journey the traveler’s perspective is always modern and current, and never forgets his way knowing how much he has accomplished with the “Archivio E.Marinella” collection.

“Archivio E.Marinella” wants to demonstrate how its style circumvented the will of fashion trends, whilst maintaining its classic look. This selection of handmade fabrics is more exclusive because its prints appear is as if time does not exist, making them more relevant then ever. The Archivio collection consists of 66 designs with over 300 different color combinations, adapting to every man’s style, making it unique, yet retaining the Marinella esthetic. The “Archivio” man is not a man who makes use of the tie because he feels “obliged” to do so, but he feels it is part of his style and personality.

The goal of the Archivio collection is to communicate very strong, contemporary look. It is authentic to the E.Marinella brand, while maintaining the personality and style of clientele through a collection that will make them sophisticated and their dreams come true.