A look to the future, whilst paying great attention to preserving the history and tradition of the Maison. This is the result of the union between the third and fourth generations of the Marinella family, represented today by Maurizio and Alessandro.

Attention to the customer

A reference point for the elegant man. In a timeless setting, tradition meets fashion trends, without compromising quality, with attention to detail and attention to the customer.

Artisanal tradition

Since 1914, Marinella has been a small, handmade world, in which the customer receives a unique product, thanks to our bespoke way of working.

Sartorial elegance

Each Marinella tie is handmade, transforming the precious English fabrics, individually cut, into a small work of art.

Every morning, in the Maison’s workshop, it seems that time has stood still. The magic of true Neapolitan craftsmanship comes to life and blends with British elegance.


“We bring a corner of Naples to the world”. Every day, at 6:30 in the morning, a small miracle is repeated. The shop, just 20 square metres in size, opens its doors to customers, giving them an immersive experience. With its curved display cabinets, vintage furniture and the wardrobe that turns into a dressing room, E. Marinella is a journey into the past that is reflected in the future.

Over one hundred years of unique style

A timeless style, suspended between tradition and the future. At the helm, a family of entrepreneurs who have lived and breathed the company, with the same love and passion, for over a hundred years.