The art of colour: E. Marinella celebrates its heritage with a special collection.

27 October 2021

The best of the historic creativity of E. Marinella inspires, with a contemporary twist, a new series of trendy ties, in a limited edition and on sale exclusively at

If there is one thing that defines E. Marinella, it is certainly their patterns. Original but balanced, never understated, has transformed their ties to a personal detail, appreciated by men all over the world.
They have done this since the start, over a century ago, when the founder Don Eugenio Marinella, took his passion for classical brit and transformed it into Italian finesse, impeccably recognizable.

Since then, in the English silk factory where even nowadays the fabrics of all the E. Marinella ties get produced, the patterns are always acquired through the same process: handmade silk screening. In this incredibly accurate artisanal craftsmanship lies the timeless spirit of the brand, whose temporal journey has been rather marked, decade after decade, due to the changes of the colour combinations, sizes and themes that are always new.

The Neapolitan Maison nowadays retraces and celebrates the best of its history with the Heritage Collection, a tribute to styles of the past, in spirit of the present. Twenty-three patterns divided in two product lines, Heritage in itself, and Heritage rétro. The first offers grandiose designs with bright colours, unique themes for those who like to stand out with determination, the second touches on madder fabrics, in a balance of muted tones and warm shades. Soft and supple, almost velvet to the touch, all the Heritage ties have a standard dimension of 8.5cm x 148cm, but as goes tradition, they can be custom made based on client requests.

“The new Heritage line is the synthesis of our history, our philosophy, the prints that have accompanied us in 106 years of activity. It’s a collection of antique designs, the symbols that have been the heart of our style” as Maurizio Marinella, the CEO explains. “The project is divided into two parts, Heritage and Heritage rétro, characterized by darker and dustier colours, resembling suede, that will be perfectly suited even to patterned jackets the most difficult to match. In some ways, these ties can replace the old ties made of wool. With these lines, we offer a piece that compliments those slightly difficult jackets that we come across every now and then.

“I often get asked how E. Marinella manages to be so innovative,” points out Alessandro Marinella, fourth generation of the company. ”Certainly, thanks to our research that is always at the forefront of new designs and manufacturing techniques. One of these is its finishing. With the Heritage Collection, we succeeded in recapturing one of the most iconic finishings of the past – similar to the madder – that ensures the silk to have a much softer touch, with respect to current techniques.”