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E. Marinella x Borsalino

From the distant Ecuador, where the straw for Borsalino hats is sourced, handwoven by skilled local artisans, the journey continues to the artisanal workshops of Alessandria.

Here, the manufacturing process takes place, from shaping the hat's body to the final touches, completed with the addition of hand-printed silks from the Maison E. Marinella.

The artisanal mastery of Alessandria and the sartorial excellence of Naples come together for an exclusive collection of Panama hats for Him and Her in a limited edition.

The Best Looks of E. Marinella x Borsalino

  • Panama Elegance

    The Amedeo and Federico Panama hats by Borsalino for Her, adorned with hand-printed silks from the Maison E. Marinella. An accessory that merges craftsmanship and contemporary design.

  • Couple's Style

    The Quito Panama hats, each featuring unique hand-printed silks, perfect for a couple's look that combines Borsalino's classic elegance with E. Marinella's sartorial mastery.

  • Summer Charm

    The Federico and Amedeo Panama hats by Borsalino for Him, enriched with unique silks by E. Marinella. A symbol of style and craftsmanship for the man who appreciates bespoke luxury.